American Herbal Nutritional & Skin Care Natural Way

166-05, Highland Ave., Suite 5C, Jamaica, NY 11432
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American Herbal Nutritional & Skin Care Natural Way sells alternative medicine to South Asian community living in USA.   The company is based in New York City. The company sells herbal medicine that deals with patient’s metabolic problems as well as digestive, psychological, insomnia, muscular pain, fatigue, diabetes, female problems (Leucorrhoea), premature ejaculation, sexual dysfunction, allergy related problems. Many Bangladeshi customers prefer to have natural treatment for their health issues from American Herbal Nutritional & Skin Care Natural Way.

The company’s principal aim is to show patients an alternative way of healing than to Western medicine. The company is run by Hakeem Mohammad Hussain – a Pakistani origin Pharmacist, Unani & Ayurvadic Systems of Medicine expert, and New York State Department of Health Certified Nursing Assistant since 1998.

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Mohammad Hussain
New York, USA

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