American Bangali Hindu Foundation

American Bangali Hindu Foundation
American Bangali Hindu Foundation
104-14, Liverpool Street, Jamaica, NY 11435

American Bangali Hindu Foundation (ABHF) is a not-for-profit sociocultural, educational & religious organization formed by the Bangali Hindu expatriates and dedicated to the social and economic upliftment and educational and spiritual development of the Southeast Asian Hindu Community in the U.S. It is registered in New York and received tax exemption status from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Mission of American Bangali Hindu Foundation is

  • to form a charitable and educational center
  • to promote social and cultural understanding and add positively to the diversity of greater American Society, and
  • to foster the teachings of ancient Hindu Theistic philosophies and strive for spiritual enlightenment, intellectual richness, and human excellence through assimilation of those values into daily life.

Om Satyamev Jayate
MahaMaya Mandir

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New York, USA