Bangladesh Canada Hindu Mandir

Bangladesh Canada Hindu Mandir
Bangladesh Canada Hindu Mandir
16 Dohme Ave., East York, ON, M4B 1Y9, Canada

With a cherished dream, common aims and objectives, a group of highly motivated volunteers and devotes took initiative to bring Bangladeshi Hindu community members in a common platform named Bangladesh Canada Hindu Cultural Society (BCHCS) in 1995. Since then, BCHCS is leading the Bangladesh Hindu Community performs and celebrates activities. Besides several aims and objectives, we the Bangladesh Hindu Community concluded and reached in one focal point that we need a mandir where we would achieve our objectives and aims.  We are continuously working to build a Mandir.

In order to focus our objective, we are registered religious charitable organization named Bangladesh Canada Hindu Mandir. At this point, we have a mandir in a rental space; we have a strong feeling and are working hard to achieve a Bangladeshi Hindu community mandir in our own space in a near future.

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