Bangladesh Academy of Los Angeles

256 S Hobart Blvd., Unit 14, Los Angeles, CA 90004
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Bangladesh Academy of Los Angeles is an cultural association of Bangladeshi community living in Los Angeles, California. The association was formed in 2006. The general aim of Bangladesh Academy of Los Angeles is to practice Bangladeshi culture in USA. It provides a platform for Bangladeshi immigrant community to meet, mingle, discuss and practice Bangla music, dance, poetry and other cultural elements.

The broader aim of the Academy is to promote and spread Bangladeshi culture among all the communities living in Los Angeles. Make and be a part of cultural bridge between communities.

Bangladesh Academy of Los Angeles wants to make Bangladeshi culture interesting and accessible to new generation of Bangladeshi kids who were born in the USA. The academy organizes various kinds of cultural events, observe important Bangladeshi national and cultural events in LA.

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Zahid Hossain
California, USA

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