Bangladesh Awami Forum USA

Bangladesh Awami Forum USA
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Bangladesh Awami Forum USA
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Bangladesh Awami Forum USA, Inc. is a New York based political support group of Bangladesh Awami League. The groups primary objective is to follow, maintain and spread the principles of Bangladesh Awami League in USA. Bangladesh Awami Forum USA, was established in 2010.

The group believes in the spirit of Bangladesh liberation war and its secular nature. The group maintains relationship with similar minded organizations in USA. It organizes discussions, meetings, press conferences, celebrates political events associate with Bangladesh Awami League, gives receptions to visiting political leaders from Bangladesh.

Bangladesh Awami Forum USA observes and celebrates Bangladeshi national days and events in New York. It celebrates Bangladesh Independence day, Bangladesh Victory Day, Return of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s and Sheikh Hasina’s Repatriation¬† day to Bangladesh, etc.¬†

President: Muneer Ahmed Mustafi
General Secretary: Md. Harun Ur Rashid

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New York, USA
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