America-Bangladesh Humanitarian Women’s Association

America-Bangladesh Humanitarian Women’s Association
72-28 Roosevelt Ave., Jackson Heights, NY 11372
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America-Bangladesh Humanitarian Women’s Association (ABHA) is a fellowship of Bangladeshi women living in USA that offers consultation and assistance for distress women, assists new comers and residents alike for shelter, job, financial issues, continuing education and family problem. ABHA empowers women and build a close network, where it shares strengthen and help, find sensible solutions for common struggles.

Founded in 2014, America-Bangladesh Humanitarian Women’s Association organizes

  • Communal Gathering
  • Annual Festival
  • Members Assembly
  • Special Events

ABHA keeps a close tie to City’s Homeless Shelters, Food Banks, Employment Agencies, Domestic Violence Counseling and Continuing Education department.

ABHA’s beliefs in following principles:

Education is Light, Experience is knowledge, Be aware of gossiping and bad advice, There is no age limit for education and training, To solve problems, knock on the right door, You are the family captain, and Love is peace.

America-Bangladesh Humanitarian Women’s Association also extend its charity work in Bangladesh:

  • provides donations to women in Bangladesh
  • helps poor women
  • helps seriously ill women
  • helps elderly women
  • helps distressed and depressed women
  • helps women become skilled through training

Board of Directors

  1. B. Meher Chowdhury – President (Founder)
  2. Syeeda Akter Nasreen – General Secretary
  3. Afia Nasrin Roena – Treasurer
  4. Farhana Aman Nupur – Organizing Secretary
  5. Manika Roy – Cultural Secretary
  6. Chitra Esh – Literacy Secretary
  7. Sabita Das – Media Coordinator
Contact Person:
Meher Chowdhury
New York, USA

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