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Business Description (Bangla Kutir/বাংলা কুটির) is a Bangladeshi online shopping portal based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. However, it has a large non-resident Bangladeshi customer base in many countries. The store sells flower, fruits, food, cake, sweet, clothing, wedding gifts, handicrafts, household items, music CD, DVD, books, grocery items, baby items, greeting card, bicycle, pet items, toys, prayer items, flexiload, electronics and other items. All customers are required to make an account to purchase from the store. goes beyond the concept of just sending gifts. It can provide much more from doing daily groceries to organize a unique event. Trained and professional team members of Bangla Kutir are dedicated to make customers wish come true. It is a worldwide service center. Customers can send gifts and avail services from any part of the world, just a few clicks! has 24 hours customer service hotline. The company accepts major credit cards, PayPal.

Local contacts of Bangla Kutir:

USA : +1-917-722-4650
UK : +44-078-8872-3537, & +44-078-2481-0505
Canada : +1-647-402-2798
S. Korea : +82-010-9070-8575 & +82-010-2704-8575

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