Bengali Literary Resource Centre

Bengali Literary Resource Centre
308-9 Crescent Place, East York, ON M4C 5L8
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Bengali Literary Resource Centre (BLRC) is a not-for-profit literary organization of Bangladeshi community living in Toronto, Canada. Bengali Literary Resource Centre was founded in 2015 with the help of Bangladeshi community to develop and practice Bangla language and literary in Canadian settings. The organization also aims to reduce cultural and generational gap between Canadian and Bangladeshi diaspora by introducing literary resources to each other.

Principal missions of Bengali Literary Resource Centre (BLRC)

  • To bring Bangla literature into stream of Western thoughts through translations and events
  • To make the local literature accessible to the Bangladeshi readers


BLRC publishes Sahityo Potrika (literary magazine), organizes author meetup, arranges book publication ceremony, author introduction, celebrates World Poetry Day, Bangla Mother Language Festival, etc.


Chairman: Dr. Rakhal Sarker
Executive Director: Subrata Kumar Das
Director: Akbar Hussain
Director: Sujit Kusum Paul
Director: Subrata Sarker
Director: Sheuli Haque
Secretary: Md Fayzul Karim

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