Bangla Bazzar Business Association

2095 Starling Ave, Bronx, NY 10462
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Founded in 2011, Bangla Bazzar Business Association is an organization of Bangladeshi small business owners of Parkchester area of Bronx. It is also known as Starling Bangla Bazzar Business Association. The aim of the association is to unite and create a business friendly environment for Bangladeshi small business owners and their customers. The association helps new Bangladeshi entrepreneurs to start business by providing necessary information, mentor ship, vendor information, security issues, etc.

The members of the association are connected with convenience store,  deli store, grocery store, etc.


President: Gias Uddin
General Secretary: Md Bhaktiar Khokon

[Spelling variations: Banglabazar Business Association]

Contact Person
Gias Uddin
New York, USA

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