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Bangladesh Environment Network
New York, USA
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Bangladesh Environment Network (BEN) – a global network of non-resident Bangladeshis (NRB), was launched in 1998 to facilitate communication about Bangladesh’s environmental problems. It is open to all Bangladeshis who are either residing in Bangladesh or living abroad. BEN is also open to non-Bangladeshis who are interested in Bangladesh’s environmental issues. Today, BEN has been working actively by raising awareness, conducting seminars, doing research, providing recommendations, facilitating dialogs among concern parties in USA, Australia, Europe, Japan and the Middle East. The general goal of BEN is to mobilize non-resident Bangladeshis to help  protect environment of Bangladesh in collaboration with native/resident Bangladeshis and International organizations.

The more focused objectives of Bangladesh Environment Network are to:

  • gather and disseminate information about environmental degradation in Bangladesh.
  • gather and disseminate information about possible solutions to Bangladesh’s environmental problems.
  • establish and strengthen connection among various environmental organizations in Bangladesh.
  • establish and strengthen connection between environmental organizations in Bangladesh as well as with international environmental organizations.
  • formulate various policies that can and should be adopted to solve and avoid environmental problems in Bangladesh.
  • generate public opinion in favor of policies necessary to protect environment.
  • persuade and assist the government adopt and implement environment-friendly policies.

Bangladesh Environment Network works actively and closely with Bangladesh Poribesh Andolon (BAPA) – a sister concern in Bangladesh.

BEN Global

Dr. Nazrul Islam, Global Coordinator, BEN

Sayed Fazlur Rahman, Coordinator, BEN (NY-NJ-CT)

BEN Australia

Kamrul Ahsan Khan

BEN Japan

Atiq Ahad

Contact Person
Nazrul Islam or Sayed Fazlur Rahman
New York, USA
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