Alliance of South Asian American Labor

Alliance of South Asian American Labor
P.O. Box 1698, Church Street Station, New York, NY 10008
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Alliance of South Asian American Labor (ASAAL) was established in 2008. The organization covers communities from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. It is an independent voice of South Asian workers within the trade union movement. The organization organizes labor movement that is more diverse, more relevant, more attune to the needs and aspirations of minority and poor workers of South Asian community in USA.

Membership of Alliance of South Asian American Labor (ASAAL) is open to any person who is a member with a labor union or any union member who has retired in good standing or any worker who believes in the labor movement or any person or individual who supports labor. Members in good standing are eligible to participate in business meetings or serve in any of its elected or appointed positions. Members are eligible to participate in any discussion and can author or vote on any resolution, motion, and amendment or serve in any of ASAAL’s elected and appointed positions. ASAAL offers Regular/Associate, Retiree/Student, and Family Membership.

The basic objectives of ASAAL are as follows:

  • Improve economic development and employment opportunities for South Asian American workers.
  • Work within the framework of the existing laws, rules, and regulations to provide a voice and vehicle for greater South Asian American and minority participation.
  • Insure that all South Asian American workers are treated with professionalism, dignity, and respect at their respective work places.
  • Increase involvement among South Asians in voter registration, voter education, voter turnout, and participation.
  • Provide a political voice for South Asian American workers in both local and national politics.
  • Advocate comprehensive immigration reform, provide rational avenues for legal immigration, and support effective border control.
  • Present a forum for all South Asian American workers to discuss problems and provide solutions to issues concerning unique and diverse workforce.
  • Insure there is equal opportunity of employment for all South Asian American workers who are qualified.
  • Actively support civil rights and civic groups working to improve living and working conditions.
  • Increase effective political alliances between labor and the general public, and
  • Organize unorganized workers anywhere possible.

Vice President – M. Mahab

Chapters of Alliance of South Asian American Labor

Queens ChapterThe Bronx ChapterBrooklyn ChapterManhattan ChapterStaten Island ChapterNew Jersey Chapter

Khan Showkat, President, 917-834-8566
Sahana Begum, Secretary, 718-523-5811
Shabul Uddin, Executive Director, 718-577-8665

Eng. Abu Shakoor, President, 646-361-1248
Muzammel Hossain, Secretary, 347-553-6158
Abunoman Rahman, Executive Director, 646-399-9789

Eng. Ahsanul Haque, President, 917-975-1831
Khairul Hussain, Secretary, 718-938-6249
Mohammad Mahab, Executive Director, 347-481-8396

Md. Chowdhury, President, 646-255-8303
Shamsun Naher, Secretary, 212-281-1814
Syed Huda, Executive Director, 718-675-9594

Nithiananda Chatterjie, PhD, President, 646-739-9086
Karim Chowdhury, Secretary, 646-785-7026
Afzal Ali Ansary, Executive Director, 347-992-3100

Farooq Hossain, President, 609-271-8603
Chittubhai Patel, Secretary, 609-576-9962
Iqbal Hussain, Executive Director, 609-289-6115

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Shafiqur Rahman, National Executive Director
New York, USA
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