Academy of Bangla Arts and Culture

Academy of Bangla Arts and Culture
3630 Harry Hines Blvd., Dallas, TX 75219
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The Academy of Bangla Arts and Culture, commonly known as ABAC, is a 501(C)(3) non-profit, cultural organization, serving the Dallas-Forth Worth Metroplex since 1989. The mission of Academy of Bangla Arts and Culture (ABAC) includes participation and encouraging participation of individuals and groups in cultural, artistic, and academic events, to foster exchange of ideas, and create environments, experiences and events conducive to learning and intellectual growth. The Academy endeavors to foster an awareness and appreciation of the highest levels of creative work of the Bangla-loving intelligentsia among the intellectually curious in Irving, the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, and strives to reach out to the citizens of a global community encompassing Bangladesh, West Bengal, and any other geographical area attainable.

General activities of Academy of Bangla Arts and Culture:

  • study circles, seminars, conferences, semi-formal discussion sessions, invited lectures, and readings;
  • stage performances, including theatrical productions, dance, vocal and instrumental music, and recitations;
  • Bangla language, music and dance school for children in Irving, Texas.

Academic Activities:

The Academy of Bangla Arts an Culture is deeply committed to the advancement of academic, artistic and literary pursuits of its members and affiliates. To that end, ABAC has hosted and continues to support activities such as seminars, conferences, invited lectures and study circles. The past and present membership of ABAC includes authors, poets and artists of a very caliber, whose works have been published in publications of considerable repute. Members of ABAC have had a long-standing tradition of getting together in informal study circles, devoted to literary and artistic pursuits.

Cultural Activities:

ABAC has consistently and regularly produced superior quality performances in music, theater, dance, and concerts. Since its inception in 1988, ABAC has presented lively and colorful stage shows, in which local Bengali performers and invited artistes from all over the US, Bangladesh and India have performed. Such performances include dances, music concerts, choreographed musicals, and musical soirees. Bands and troupes of Bengali musicians have also performed in programs hosted and produced by ABAC.


President: Shahidur Chowdhury (Shantoo)
Vice President: Tamanna Uddin
General Secretary: Arka Adhya
Treasurer: Tasnima Afrose (Soma)
Marketing & Social Media Director: Debroop Dasgupta
ABAC Bangla School Director: Nusrat Roohi
Other Directors: Subhro Mitra, Suprateem Ghosh, Gulsana Hossain, Sulagna Sahu, Sharmi Ganguly

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Texas, USA

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