International Sustainable Development Institute (ISDI)

International Sustainable Development Institute (ISDI)
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International Sustainable Development Institute (ISDI)
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International Sustainable Development Institute (ISDI) is a Boston-based not-for-profit research organization in the United States. The organization explores the inter-relationship among trade, technology, environment, climate change, infrastructure, and global sustainable development in South Asia with special focus to Bangladesh. The mission of International Sustainable Development Institute (ISDI) is to create and develop the most innovative management skills for the emerging leaders in government, corporations, manufacturing and NGOs in order to accomplish their goals of sustainable policy and business initiatives at global scale.

To the aim to develop the most innovative management skills, International Sustainable Development Institute (ISDI) focuses on the following areas in general:

Organization and Activism

ISDI is dedicated to finding sustainable solutions to some of the most pressing issuing challenging the development of countries and societies. The aim is to bring together researchers, government and non-governmental agencies, members of academic institutions, media, industry leaders, political representatives, company executives, and all interested parties to debate and propose innovative and practical solutions to these problems. Whether it is environmental challenges, women’s empowerment, worker safety issues, or financing projects in developing countries, ISDI encourages a robust and fruitful interaction among the stakeholders so that people can move the society forward.

Leadership and Executive Training

The business and political leaders are responsible for guiding a country towards economic development. As part of this process, these leaders need to familiarize themselves with the best management and leadership practices. They need to be aware of how other countries have traveled the development path, with the goal that these experiences and best practices can be utilized for any country. The executive training programs at ISDI can be a powerful tool to facilitate this. With the assistance of partners, instructors, and facilitators from the world-renowned universities and organizations in and around Boston, ISDI provides fully customizable executive and leadership training programs.

Regional Focus

While economic development is often discussed in a general framework, regional focus is considered very strongly. International Sustainable Development Institute (ISDI) keeps in mind that the best theoretical recommendations may not be easily achieved in real life due to differences in cultural, economic, and regional forces unique to various parts of the world. As a result, ISDI offers a regional focus in discussions and efforts.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Developed in 1960s, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is as a part of corporate responsibility to comply with legislations in order to protect consumers, employees, and other stakeholders in the community where corporations operate. With the new challenges of rapid population growth, environmental degradation, global warming, growing scarcity of economic resources etc. the focus of corporate responsibility has now been shifted from its core traditional values of compliance and business ethics toward a conscious integration of socio-economic issues, environmental issues, and social innovations. As like many business experts and academia have dubbed this new approach as sustainable entrepreneurship as a new way to follow, ISDI also emphasizes on this role as an integral part of sustainable entrepreneurship of strategic management.


Nurul Aman, PhD
Abu Jalal, PhD
Abdullah Shibli, PhD
Abu Abdullah, PhD

Massachusetts, USA

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