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86-24 Whitney Ave., Elmhurst, NY 11373
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Bangladesh Society, Inc. (sometimes referred to Bangladesh Society New York) is a not-for-profit for Bangladeshi community organization to promote, spread and maintain Bangladeshi culture in the USA. The Society was established in New York in 1975 and based in Queens, NYC. Bangladesh Society observes various social, cultural, religious and national events of Bangladesh in USA. It organizes discussion meeting, picnics, street fairs, iftar/ifter parties, etc. The organization provides encouragement to Bangladeshi kids by rewarding their educational success. Bangladesh Society exchanges ideas about with community members, journalists, other Bangladeshi community organizations, organizes free tax filing events and free legal clinics for Bangladeshi community, etc.

Visions stated by of Bangladesh Society:

1. To open the door of mutual assistance and cooperation assimilating all the Bangladesh-origin expatriate Bangladeshis.
2. To maintain and promote friendly relations between the Bangladeshis and with other nationalities living in the USA.
3. To celebrate national days along with all the Bangladeshi expatriates.
4. To cement and solidify the foundation of our national unity through adopting, initiating and implementing religious and social projects/programs.
5. To convey clear and distinct idea and knowledge to our next generation regarding the tradition, culture, heritage and values of Bangladesh; viz., teaching them Bangla language, directly involve them with the Bangladeshi culture and give them accurate knowledge regarding the value of family bondage of Bangladesh.
6. To highlight before our current and next generation the positive aspects of this country by assimilating them with the related social and financial issues of all communities of the country (America).
7. To keep all the Bangladeshis informed about the political, social and economic changes of our country.
8. To collect relief and fund (money) for the distressed and affected people of various natural calamities in Bangladesh.
9. To protest whenever any Bangladeshis living in this country are illegally victimized or harassed by anyone in anyway and prevent such trend and help the victims.
10. To motivate the Bangladeshis to directly involve and participate in the social and political activities of USA.
11. To assist and cooperate the Bangladeshis regarding immigration issue.
12. To stand beside the newly immigrated Bangladeshis to redress their problems and provide them required suggestions.
13. To provide all-out support to the Bangladeshis to protect their national/community rights.
14. To provide information to low-income Bangladeshis regarding various types of medical insurances so that they can avail suitable ones.
15. To take step to provide borough-based English education to the adult Bangladeshis living in New York City.
16. To provide counseling regarding psychiatric and mental problems.
17. To organize computer training to make the Bangladeshis skilled to get better job.


Bangladesh Society is a membership based organization. The organization has over 18,000 members. Members vote for the organizing committee during the election. Two types of memberships are available – general membership and life membership (with special life membership and honorary life membership). Membership is open to:

  • Any Bangladeshi living in America.
  • Any American citizen with Bangladesh origin such as: By birth, through blood relationship or through naturalization.



President: 1
General Secretary: 1
Senior Vice President: 1
Vice President: 1
Vice General Secretary: 1
Treasurer: 1
Organizing Secretary: 1
Cultural Secretary: 1
Social Welfare Secretary: 1
Literature Secretary: 1
Sports & Recreation Secretary: 1
School & Education Secretary: 1
Public Relation Secretary: 1
Members: 6

President: Azmol Hossain Kunu, 917-744-9236
General Secretary: Abdur Rahim Haolader, 917-301-2063
Senior Vice President: Mohiuddin Dewan, 917-523-1344
Vice President: Faruk Hossain Majumder, 347-861-9201
Vice General Secretary: Osman Chowdhury, 347-624-9931
Treasurer: Md. Ali, 917-302-0443
Organizing Secretary: Syed M. K. Zaman, 718-502-7284
Cultural Secretary: Monika Roy, 347-536-0354
Social Welfare Secretary: Kazi Tofael Islam, 347-774-5546
Literature Secretary: Wahid Kazi Elin, 718-854-7647
Sports & Recreation Secretary: Syed Enaet Ali, 646-541-2731
School & Education Secretary: Farhana Chowdhury, 718-697-9035
Public Relation Secretary: Mofizul Islam Bhuyian (Rumi), 347-896-2802
Member: A.K.M. Rafiqul Islam (Dalim), 917-362-3872
Member: Nadir A. Ayub, 347-686-5667
Member: Md. Sirajul Haq (Jamal), 917-442-4044
Member: Nasir Ahmed, 646-217-9135
Member: Abul Kashem Chodhury, 646-510-6245
Member: Syed Ilias Khashru, 646-291-7408

Alt. Phone
718-205-5147, 347-738-5207
New York, USA
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