All European Bangladesh Association (AEBA)

All European Bangladesh Association (AEBA)
48 Rue de Vouillé, 75015 Paris, France
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Established in 2012 in Athens by a formal convention, All European Bangladesh Association (AEBA) is a Bangladeshi non-profit, non-political, non-religious and non-discriminatory organization aims to unite Bangladeshi community and organizations living and working in European territory. The prime aim of the organization is to advance Bangladeshi community’s social, political, economic interest in various countries in Europe. AEBA offers a platform for Bangladeshi organizations (business, chamber, social, community, cultural, not-for-profit) within European community. To unite, the Association aims to organize annual convention in various parts of Europe.

Some aims and activities of All European Bangladesh Association (AEBA) are:

  • to fight discrimination and prejudice against Bangladeshi people in Europe
  • to organize annual convention
  • to help increase foreign direct investment in Bangladesh from Europe
  • to assist Bangladeshi community to develop business presence in Europe
  • to promote Bangladeshi culture to further enrich multi ethnic traditions of Europe
  • to encourage community development, education, research among Bangladeshi-Europeans
  • to promote exchange education and culture among Bangladesh and European countries, etc.


President: Zainoul Abedin (Greece)
Secretary General: Kazi Enayet Ullah (France)
Treasurer: Muhibur Rahman Muhib (UK)
Vice President: Ahmed Feroz (Austria)
Vice President: Anowarul Kabir (Germany)
Vice President: Fakrul Acom Salim (France)
Vice President: Forhad Ali Khan (Sweden)
Vice President: Golam Mostafa MPhil (UK)
Vice President: Mohammad Jinnuraine Jaigirdar (Ireland)
Vice President: Nurul Karim (UK)
Vice President: Rana Taslim Uddin (Portugal)
Vice President: Sultan Hossain (Spain)
Vice President: Taifur Rahman Choton (Italy)
Vice President: Zahangir Hawladar (Greece)
Joint Secretary General: M A Rob Mintu (Italy)
Joint Secretary General: Shamsul Alam Liton (UK)
Joint Secretary General: Sharif Al Momin (France)
Joint Treasurer: Henu Miah (France)
Joint Treasurer: Shahinul Islam Talukder (Greece)
Organizing Secretary: Nurul Wahid (France)
Joint Organizing Secretary: Mohammad Ripon Fakir (Greece)
Joint Social Welfare & Education Affairs Secretary: Mily Alam
Cultural Affairs Secretary: Amdadul Hoque Shapon (France)
Joint Cultural Affairs Secretary: Shawkat Mahmud Tipu (UK)
Environment Affairs Secretary: Ruhul Amin Kajol (Denmark)
Press & Publicity Secretary: Mahbub Rahman (UK)
Information Technology Affairs Secretary: Monir Ahamed (UK)
International Affairs Secretary: Azharul Haque Ferdous (Bangladesh)
Business and Economic Affairs Secretary: Subrata Bhattacharjee (France)
Public Relations Affairs Secretary: Kamal Miah (France)
Women Affairs Secretary: Anjuman Ara Beauty (Greece)
Immigration Affairs Secretary: Nurul Amin (Italy)
Youth Affairs Secretary: Kamrul Hasan (Greece)

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Kazi Enayet Ullah
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