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37-38, 37 St. 2nd Floor, JAckson Heights, NY 11372
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Bangladesh Jatiotabadi Forum, USA (বাংলাদেশ জাতীয়তাবাদী ফোরাম ইউএসএ) is a New York based political group that works as a support organ of Bangladesh Nationalist Party of Bangladesh. Based in New York City, the group provides and organizes support events to foster ideology of Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) in Bangladesh. Its main focus is to work as a extended support network of BNP in USA. The group gives reception to important party leaders visiting USA, discussions, meetings, protests etc. The group also celebrate important dates associate with its founder Ziaur Rahman, the ex-president of Bangladesh. All of its members are from Bangladeshi community.

Bangladesh Jatiotabadi Forum, USA runs by a committee elected by its members every two years.

President: Sarwar Khan Babu
General Secretary: Saidur Khan Duke
Organizing Secretary: Md. Nasir Uddin
Member Secretary: S. I. Dhali

As part of Bangladesh Nationalist Party, USA, Bangladesh Jatiotabadi Forum, USA  tries to maintain close contact with the following organizations:

New York City BNP
New York State BNP
Brooklyn BNP
Queens BNP
Bronx BNP
Manhattan BNP
USA Student BNP
USA Jubodal
USA Chtradal
USA Jasas
USA Sechchasebok Dal
USA Shromik Dal
Barisal Jatiotabadi Forum USA
Greater Dhaka Jatiotabadi Forum North America
Jatiotabadi Forum Khulna
New Jersey BNP
Texas BNP
Houston BNP
California BNP
Florida BNP
South Florida BNP
Central Florida BNP
New Jersey BNP
Washington BNP
Georgia BNP
Illinois BNP
Michigan BNP
New England BNP

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New York, USA

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