Bangladesh Welfare Association Cardiff

43 Despenser Street, Cardiff, CF11 6AG, UK
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Bangladesh Welfare Association Cardiff was established in 1985. It is a national body working to ensure the development and recognition of the role of the Cardiff Bangladeshi voluntary and community sector. The principal aim of Bangladesh Welfare Association Cardiff  is to ensure that the needs of Cardiff Bangladeshi communities are incorporated within national and local policy and that these needs are effectively met through services provided by organizations, statutory bodies and voluntary organization.

Activities of Bangladesh Welfare Association Cardiff  are broadly the following:

  • Fighting famine and providing overseas aid
  • Preserving Bangladeshi culture/remembering the past/learning the traditopm
  • Recreation with dignity
  • Training and education
  • Improving healthcare conditions
  • Fighting poverty and eradication of poverty
  • Improving employment rates/helping communities/fixing the economy
  • Charity work in general etc

Chairperson: Alhajj Mohammad Abdul Hannan
General Secretary: Kazi Mohammed Shahjahan
Treasurer: Mohammad Keramoth Ali

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