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Hi Wildflower Botanica is a botanical perfume, small-batch skincare and hand poured soy candle line sold online only. The company is based in Brooklyn, New York. The products are composed of opulent skin and spirit replenishing botanicals that tell a story inspired by wildflowers, faraway places and familiar evocations.

The sustainable and ethically sourced botanicals used by Hi Wildflower come from all over the world, allowing the wearer of perfumes to connect to the faraway allure of Egyptian neroli, Indian jasmine or Somalian myrrh with just a dab. The packaging is comprised of ecologically sound paper and biodegradable materials. When a customer purchases a gift from Hi Wildflower Botanica, they receive a piece of plantable wildflower seed paper.

The trees and flowers of Brooklyn and Bangladesh are continual inspirations for Hi Wildflower Botanica.

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Tanwi Nandini Islam
New York, USA
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