Rangpur Zilla Association USA

Rangpur Zilla Association USA
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Rangpur Zilla Association USA
97-60, 108 Street, South Richmond Hill, NY 11419
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Rangpur Zilla Association USA, Inc is a non political and not-for-profit organization which was founded in 2006 to unite and help Rangpur born people, and to promote Bangladeshi culture in America. The membership is open to all Rangpur born people who lawfully reside in America. All Lawfull Rangpur born residents in the United States can join the organization as members.

The association offers five types of membership:

  1. Life member ($500+)
  2. Regular member ($20.00 annually)
  3. Family member ($30.00 annually)
  4. Student member ($5.00 annually)
  5. Honorary member (outstanding and eminent non Rangpuri person)

Goals and Objectives of Rangpur Zilla Association USA

  1. Bring unity and friendship among Rangpur born people in USA
  2. Exchange culture of Bangladesh among all people regardless of color, creed, race and national origin. This would be done through community meetings and by arranging cultural show
  3. Provide financial assistance to newly arrived people from Bangladesh
  4. Provide free computer knowledge to all Rangpur origin people
  5. Promote Bangladesh-American friendship
  6. Facilitate the activities of any other professional, student, woman or any other group of Bangladeshis, provided that such groups or organizations are also non-profit and non-political organizations duly organized under any state law, etc.


Mohammed Jahangir Alam,  President
Mohammad Miah Dulu, Vice President
Mohammed Rejaul Islam, General Secretary
Shah Mohammad Farid, Joint General Secretary
Mohammad Utpol, Treasurer
Mohammad Mohor Khan, Organizing Secretary
Kamona Hasan, Cultural Secretary
Sarwar Habib, Press, Publication and Publicity Secretary
Dr. Nafisur Rahman Pipul, Executive Member
Mizanur Rahman Shally, Executive Member
A B M Mizanul Hasan, Executive Member

Alt. Phone:
Contact Person:
Raju Ahmed Jadu
New York, USA

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