Desh Bidesh Online

Desh Bidesh Online
19, Guernsey Ave, Minto, NSW 2566, Australia

Desh Bidesh is a monthly tabloid sized newspaper published in Bangla and English mainly targeted at Bangla speaking Bangladeshi and Part of Indian migrant communities. This subsidiary is owned by the Sydney based multiservice company Saands Marketing Australia.

Desh Bidesh publication has been running for its fifth year now with consistent success. Our long eminent experience in running community organizations and businesses, understanding of domestic and international news publishing and in-house expert graphic designers ensure that the quality of the products we deliver is constantly excellent. That makes Desh Bidesh the No.1 Bangla newspaper published (Monthly) in Australia. With a strong Bengali speaking background of 70 thousand and rapidly increasing, ‘Desh Bidesh is one of the most effective advertising tools for many businesses both in Australia and overseas.

Mobile: 0414 353 899

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