I-Say Foundation

I-Say Foundation
I-Say Foundation
2 Executive Dr., Suite 630, Fort Lee, NJ 07024

Founded by a group of South Asian Americans, I-SAY is a youth driven non-profit and non-political organization run “for the community, by the youth”. It is through the South Asian American youth, the entire profile of the South Asian American community can be raised in the United States. I-SAY aims to emphasize the solidarity built through its activities and transform the South Asian American youth from a ‘confused group of people’ to a‘community’ with intellect, skills and purpose. At I-SAY, we aim to achieve this mission with the assistance of a comprehensive strategic roadmap that undertakes the mission from three main paths: Education, social and cultural activities. As a part of its mission, ISAY urges and aids the members of our community to be good American citizens and to stand as bulwarks against prejudices, racism, and extremism with a special emphasis on education, integrity and peace.


Raqeebul Ketan, Team Lead – Overseas

Mohammed Mosayed, Lead Developer – IT

Yousaf Majid, Coordinator

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New Jersey, USA