Miss Bangladesh USA

Miss Bangladesh USA
Huntley, Illinois 60142

Miss Bangladesh USA is a beauty pageant for girls living in the USA and of Bangladeshi origin. Founded in 2015, it is run by Illinois based company Miss Bangladesh USA, Inc. The mission of the contest is to honor and recognize talented, cultural, and intelligent young women if Bangladeshi decent in USA and provide them with a platform to demonstrate their unique talents and passions through a competition that reflects the art, poise and grace of beauty pageants. The contest was founded by Hiam Hafizuddin, a Bangladeshi-American.

Vision of Miss Bangladesh USA

  • to empowerment for Bangladeshi American women
  • to have young Bangladeshi America girls be recognized and admired for upholding the highest standards of womanhood
  • to uphold the cultural obligations of Bangladeshi descendants
  • to promote Bangladeshi women’s cultural awareness among non-Bangladeshi community
  • to serve as an activist for female empowerment and appreciation
  • to pave the way for gender equality for Bangladeshi women etc.

The contest of Miss Bangladesh USA is virtual in nature. Contestants have to submit their profile online and a panel of judges will select the winner. The winners are given reception at a formal event. Contestants must of Bangladeshi origin, lives in USA, single (never married) and under the age of 30.


Private Interview (35%)

Contestants engage in a 10 minute private interview in front of the judges’ panel. Contestant are asked a wide range of question – the contestant’s platform, social and political global and national issues, Bangladesh and its culture, and behavioral questions. Contestant can showcase what they know and have the judges learn more about the contestant without the pressures of being on stage.

Platform Issue (25%)

Contestants prepare a one-minute speech or presentation regarding any social issues of their choice. This is to demonstrate their awareness and passion regarding the issue. Creative ideas and thinking are the aim of the section.

Talent (15%)

Participants show their individual talent(s) – singing, dancing, recitation, magic, etc. to engage the audience and judges. Contestants prepare a 90 second talent piece. The talent piece must be in Bangla or English for some section. However, non-linguistic talents (dance, instrumental music) are also allowed.

Cultural Wear (20%)

Contestants are asked to wear what they believe best defines Bangladeshi culture.

On-Stage Question (5%)

Contestants are asked to wear party/evening saris and do a short walk and answer a current events question on stage.

Executive Board

Founder and Executive Director: Hiam Hafizuddin
Vice President of Operations: Nilofar Hafizuddin
Vice President of Public Relations: Nazida Syed
Vice President of External Affairs: Parth Patel
Vice President Internal Affairs: Anoosha Memon
Vice President of Finance: Naznin Jahan

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Hiam Hafizuddin, Founder
Illinois, USA