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SpaandanB (pronounced spon-don-bee) is a not-for-profit organization listed under section 501(c) (3) of the US Internal Revenue Code and incorporated in California, USA, which sprouted from the vision of a handful number of expatriate Bangladeshis in year 1998. It is dedicated to better the lives of the less advantaged people in Bangladesh. SpaandanB initiates and implements projects in the area of establishment of education, remedy for health needs, and promotion of sustained subsistence. The organization is based on San Francisco Bay Area. The projects and operations of SpaandanB are funded by conscionable and generous donors of expatriate Bangladeshis living in the USA. But the it has donors and supporters from all over the world. SpaandanB helps the under-privileged people regardless of their religion, color, age, disability or sex. Its donors do not receive any goods or services in return of their contributions.

With the vision to “build a better Bangladesh through changes in quality of life of the less advantaged” SpaandanB wants to bring forth fundamental socio-economic change in the lives of the less advantaged people of Bangladesh by addressing the needs in the three major areas:

1. Establishment of Education:

  • Support less advantaged academic and vocational merits to achieve excellence and advancement of education system in Bangladesh.
  • Generate awareness in dormant aptitude and success potential.

2. Remedy for Health Needs:

  • Make basic health services available to disadvantaged people.
  • Support advancement of medical service infrastructure in Bangladesh.

3. Promotion of Sustained Subsistence:

  • Provide income generation opportunities among the disadvantaged people of Bangladesh.
  • Provide food, medical, shelter and rehabilitation support to distressed humanity during time of emergency.

Since its start in 1998, the organization has grown manifold in size, scope and has taken growing number of projects – education projects (adopt-a-school, scholarships etc.), health projects (blood drive, pediatric, child care, nutrition etc.), development projects (media advocacy, entrepreneurship, alternate energy etc.), humanitarian drive (cyclone, flood, winter, etc.) and other projects as they may required.

SpaandanB has two chapters in USA – Austin and North-Texas.

[Spelling variations: s-pon-don-B, spandonB, স্পন্দন-বি]

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