Bangladeshi Politicians Abroad

Bangladeshi politicians abroad, in terms of elected and selected, are involved in public service. Most of them are located in UK, USA and some European countries. Some are involved at the national level, some local. Some Bangladeshi politicians abroad are first generation Bangladeshi immigrants, some later generations. Bangladeshi politicians abroad are still a handful but slowly growing. Here is a partial list.

ImageNameLocation PositionLinkNote
Rupa Huq, PhDRupa Huq, PhDUKMember of ParliamentOfficial

Rushanara AliRushanara AliUKMember of ParliamentOfficial
Apsana BegumUKMember of ParliamentPersonalNational
Tulip SiddiqTulip SiddiqUKMember of ParliamentOfficial
Mohammed AkhtaruzzamanMohammed AkhtaruzzamanUSAEx-Council MemberLink
Patterson City Council, New Jersey
Manzila Pola UddinManzila Pola UddinUKBaronessOfficial
Lutfur RahmanLutfur RahmanUKEx-MayorPersonalTower Hamlets Council
Nasim AliNasim AliUKCouncillorOfficialCamden Council
Nadia ShahNadia ShahUKCouncillorOfficialCamden Council
Nuran Nabi, PhDNuran Nabi, PhDUSACommittee PersonOfficial
Plainsboro Township, New Jersey
Abdul HaiAbdul HaiUKCouncillorOfficialCamden Council
Md. Harun MiahMd. Harun MiahUKCouncillorOfficialEastbourne Borough Council
Abdul QuadirAbdul QuadirUKCouncillorOfficialCamden Council
Mohammed HassanMohammed HassanUSACouncil Member, Democratic PartyLink
City of Hamtramck, Michigan
Muhammad Abdullah SaliqueMuhammad Abdullah SaliqueUKEx-CouncillorOfficialTower Hamlets Council
Asma BegumAsma BegumUKCouncillorOfficialTower Hamlets Council
Abu Ahmed MusaAbu Ahmed MusaUSACouncil Member, Democratic PartyOfficialCity of Hamtramck, Michigan
Forhad HussainForhad HussainUKCouncillorOfficial
Newham Council
Ayas MiahAyas MiahUKCouncillorOfficialTower Hamlets Council
Anam MiahAnam MiahUSAEx-Council Member, Democratic PartyLink
City of Hamtramck, Michigan
Shiria KhatunShiria KhatunUKCouncillorOfficialTower Hamlets Council
Md. Maium MiahMd. Maium MiahUKCouncillorOfficialTower Hamlets Council
Mohammad RoufMohammad RoufUKCouncillorOfficialSandwell Council
Khales Uddin AhmedKhales Uddin AhmedUKCouncillorOfficialTower Hamlets Council
Sirajul IslamSirajul IslamUKCouncillorOfficialTower Hamlets Council
Shafiqul HaqueShafiqul HaqueUKCouncillorOfficialTower Hamlets Council
Zahoor AhmedZahoor AhmedUKCouncillorOfficialSandwell Council
Rajib AhmedRajib AhmedUKCouncillorOfficialTower Hamlets Council
Mohammed Abdul MukitMohammed Abdul Mukit UKCouncillorOfficialTower Hamlets Council
Montaz Ali AzadMontaz Ali AzadUKCouncillorOfficialOldham Council
Mahbub AlamMahbub AlamUKCouncillorOfficialTower Hamlets Council
Helal Uddin AbbasHelal Uddin AbbasUKCouncillorOfficialTower Hamlets Council
Syeda KhatunSyeda KhatunUKCouncillorOfficialSandwell Council
Raj HaqueRaj HaqueUKCouncillorOfficialMole Valley Council
Fazlul HaqueFazlul HaqueUKCouncillorOfficialOldham Council
Ahmadul HaqueAhmadul HaqueUKCouncillorOfficialSandwell Council
Shoab AkhtarShoab AkhtarUKCouncillorOfficialOldham Council
Suluk AhmedSuluk AhmedUKCouncillorOfficialTower Hamlets Council
Shahed AliShahed AliUKCouncillorOfficialTower Hamlets Council
Aminur KhanAminur KhanUKCouncillorOfficialTower Hamlets Council
Mohon AliMohon AliUKCouncillorOfficialOldham Council
Abdul AsadAbdul AsadUKCouncillorOfficialTower Hamlets Council
Tahmina RahmanTahmina RahmanUKCouncillorOfficialNewham Council
Sabina AkhtarSabina AkhtarUKCouncillorOfficialTower Hamlets Council
Ohid AhmedOhid AhmedUKCouncillorOfficialTower Hamlets Council
Ali AhmedAli AhmedUKCouncillorOfficialCardiff Council
Gulam Kibria ChoudhuryGulam Kibria ChoudhuryUKCouncillorOfficialTower Hamlets Council
Sheikh UllahSheikh UllahUKCouncillorOfficialKirklees Council
Abdal UllahAbdal UllahUKEx-CouncillorPersonalTower Hamlets Council
Gulam RobbaniGulam RobbaniUKCouncillorOfficialTower Hamlets Council
Arshid MahmoodArshid MahmoodUKCouncillorOfficialBlackburn Council
Iftakhar HussainIftakhar HussainUKCouncillorOfficialBlackburn Council
Abjol MiahAbjol MiahUKCouncillorOfficial
Tower Hamlets Council
Oliur RahmanOliur RahmanUKCouncillorOfficialTower Hamlets Council
Shaukat HussainShaukat HussainUKCouncillorOfficialBlackburn Council
Faryad HussainFaryad HussainUKCouncillorOfficialBlackburn Council
M. Mamun RashidM. Mamun RashidUKEx-CouncillorOfficialTower Hamlets Council
Imtiaz AliImtiaz AliUKCouncillorOfficialBlackburn Council
Zamir KhanZamir KhanUKCouncillorOfficialBlackburn Council
Anwara AliAnwara AliUKEx-CouncillorOfficialTower Hamlets Council
Azizur Rahman KhanAzizur Rahman KhanUKEx-CouncillorOfficialTower Hamlets Council
Salim MullaSalim MullaUKCouncillorOfficialBlackburn Council
Kumar MurshidKumar MurshidUKEx-CouncillorOfficialTower Hamlets Council
Mumtaz HussainMumtaz HussainUKCouncillorOfficialKirklees Council
Ahmed HussainAhmed HussainUKEx-CouncillorOfficialTower Hamlets Council
Hanif MayetHanif MayetUKCouncillorOfficialKirklees Council
Murad QureshiMurad QureshiUKAssembly MemberOfficial
London Assembly
Atiqul HoqueAtiqul HoqueUKCouncillorOfficialSalisbury City Council
Waiseul IslamWaiseul Islam UKEx-CouncillorOfficialTower Hamlets Council
Prince Sadik ChaudhuryPrince Sadik
UKEx-CouncillorOfficialNorthampton Council
Harun MiahHarun MiahUKCouncillorOfficialTower Hamlets Council
Shah AlamShah AlamUKCouncillorOfficialTower Hamlets Council
Ahmed AliAhmed AliUKCouncillorOfficialManchester City Council
Jilani ChowdhuryJilani ChowdhuryUKCouncillorOfficialIslington Council
Luthfur RahmanLuthfur RahmanUKCouncillorOfficialManchester City Council
Zulhash UddinZulhash UddinUKCouncillorOfficialTunbridge Wells Council
Rabina KhanRabina KhanUKCouncillorOfficial
Tower Hamlets Council
Shamal Biswas, CouncillorShamal BiswasUKCouncillorOfficialMiddlesbrough Council
Rania KhanRania KhanUKEx-CouncillorPersonalTower Hamlets Council
Mohammed Mufti MiahMohammed Mufti MiahUKCouncillorOfficialTower Hamlets Council
Mohammed Azizur RahmanMohammed Azizur RahmanUKCouncillorOfficialNorthampton Council
Abdul Munim UKEx-CouncillorOfficialTower Hamlets Council
Junab AliJunab AliUKCouncillorOfficialSwindon Council
Muhammad Ansar MustaquimMuhammad Ansar MustaquimUKCouncillorOfficialTower Hamlets Council
Ayesha ChowdhuryAyesha
UKCouncillorOfficialNewham Council
Dulal UddinUKEx-CouncillorOfficialTower Hamlets Council
Hanif AbdulmuhitHanif AbdulmuhitUKCouncillorOfficialNewham Council
A A SardarA A SardarUKEx-CouncillorOfficialTower Hamlets Council
Humayun KabirHumayun KabirUKCouncillorOfficialCroydon Council
Abdul MatinAbdul MatinUKEx-CouncillorOfficialTower Hamlets Council
Fozol MiahFozol MiahUKEx-CouncillorOfficialTower Hamlets Council
Rita BegumRita BegumUKCouncillorOfficialWestminster City Council
Birmingham City CouncillorZiaul Islam MBEUKCouncillor OfficialBirmingham City Council
Shahadat Chowdhury, PhDShahadat Chowdhury, PhDAustraliaEx-CouncillorOfficialParramatta City Council
Rohima RahmanRohima RahmanUKCouncillorOfficialNewham Council
M Abdul HaridM Abdul HaridUKCouncillorOfficialCarlisle City Council
Shafi KhanShafi KhanUKCouncillorOfficialCroydon Council
Helal Abu SheikhHelal Abu SheikhUSACandidate, Democratic PartyLink

District 54, New York
Muhammed Ghulam MortuzaMuhammed Ghulam MortuzaUKEx-CouncillorOfficialTower Hamlets Council
Parvez AhmedParvez AhmedUKCouncillorOfficialBrent Council
Md. Rabbi AlamMd Rabbi AlamUSACandidate, Democratic PartyLink
US Senate, Missouri
Abdul AminAbdul AminUKCouncillorOfficialSwindon Council
Tahsina AhmedTahsina AhmedUSACouncil MemberOfficialHaledon City Council, New Jersey
Shahin KhaliqueShahin KhaliqueUSACouncil MemberOfficial
Patterson City Council, New Jersey

Saera Khan, a citizen of Norway and ex-MP  Saera KhanNorwayEx-Member of ParliamentOfficialNational
Shere M SattarShere M SattarUKCandidatePersonalEastleigh Council
Mohammad Ali Bhuiyan, PoliticianMohammad Ali BhuiyanUSACandidate, Republican PartyLink
District 6, Georgia
Maya Ajijun Ali, councillorMaya Ajijun AliUKEx-CouncillorOfficialCoventry City Council
Sandra Kabir, councillorSandra KabirUKCouncillorOfficialBrent Council
Munsur Ali, CouncillorMunsur AliUKCouncillorOfficial
City of London
Khorshed A. Chowdhury is a Bangladeshi born Political Candidate for Republican Party in New YorkKhorshed A. ChowdhuryUSACandidate, Republican PartyLinkDistrict 54, New York
Councillor Tahir KhanTahir KhanUKCouncillorOfficialLuton Council
Rashid Malik, PhDRashid Malik USACandidate, Democratic PartyLink
District 7, Georgia
Hansen Clarke, CongressmanHansen ClarkeUSAFormer Congressman, Democratic PartyOfficialNational
Dr Nazia Khanum OBENazia Khanum, PhDUKDeputy LieutenantOfficialCentral Bedfordshire Council
Toyebur Rahman Helal, politicianMohammad Tayebur Rahman HelalUSACandidate, Democratic PartyLink
District 24, New York
Ajmal Masroor, politicianAjmal MasroorUKCandidate, IndependentPersonalBethnal Green & Bow
Foysol Choudhury, politicianFoysol ChoudhuryUKLabour PartyOfficialEdinburgh South West
Marina Ahmad, politicianMarina AhmadUKCandidate, Labour PartyOfficial
Councillor Abul Kalam AzadAbul Kalam AzadUKCouncillor OfficialRother District Council
Councillor Rahnuma HayderRahnuma HayderUKCouncillor OfficialSeaford Council
Nina Ahmad, PoliticsNina AhmadUSACandidate, Democratic Party Link
Rahima Khan, is a politician in UK of Bangladeshi originRahima KhanUKMayoral CandidatePersonalNewham
Doly Begum, politicianDoly BegumCanadaCandidateLinkScarborough Southwest
Mizan ChoudhuryMizan ChoudhuryUSACandidate, Democratic PartyLink
5th Congressional District, NY
Sheikh Rahman, politicianSheikh RahmanUSASenator, State Senate, Democratic PartyLink
District 5, Georgia
Badrun KhanUSACandidate, Democratic PartyLink
District 14, New York
Mary JobaidaUSACandidate, Democratic PartyLink
District 37, New York
Mohamed Ali HayderUKCouncillor OfficialSeaford Council
Joy ChowdhuryUSACandidate, Democratic PartyLink
District 34, New York
Mahfuzul IslamUSACandidate, Democratic PartyLink
District 24, New York
Shaniyat ChowdhuryUSACandidate, Democratic PartyLink
District 5, New York
Nabilah IslamUSAEx-Candidate, Democratic PartyLink
District 7, Georgia
Mahtab KhanUSACandidate, District Leader, Democratic PartyPersonalDistrict 24, New York
Moumita AhmedUSACandidate, District Leader, Democratic PartyLinkDistrict 24, New York
Mohammed N. MujumderUSACandidate,
Democratic Party
District 18, New York
Mohammed Jahangir HossainUSACandidate, State Senate, Democratic PartyLink
District 41, Georgia
Mohammed Shabul UddinUSACandidate for Judicial delegateLink
District 24, New York
Mujib Rahman, Bangladeshi origin politicianMujib RahmanUSACandidate, Conservative PartyLinkDistrict 24, New York
okMohammed IdreesUKCouncillorPersonalBirmingham City Council
Saddak MiahUKCouncillorPersonalBirmingham City Council
Shahana HanifUSACandidate, Democratic PartyLink
District 39, New York
Soma Syed, Bangladeshi origin politicianSoma SyedUSACandidate, County JudgeLink
Queens, New York
Dilip Nath, Politician of Bangladeshi originDilip NathUSACandidate, Democratic PartyLink
District 24, New York
Mohammed Jahangir Alam, politicianMohammed Jahangir AlamUSACandidate, Democratic PartyLinkBuffalo Common Council
Saifur Khan, Bangladeshi-origin politicianSaifur Khan HaroonUSACandidate, Democratic PartyLink
District 24, New York
Monzurul Karim TuhinUSACandidate, Democratic PartyLink
City of Hamtramck, Michigan
Nayeem Leon ChoudhuryUSACandidate, Democratic PartyPersonalCity of Hamtramck, Michigan
Gias Talukder, a Bangladeshi politician in Hamtramck, USAGias TalukderUSACandidate, Democratic PartyLinkCity of Hamtramck, Michigan
Showkat Choudhury, Bangladeshi politician, Hamtramck, USAShowkat ChoudhuryUSACandidate,
Democratic Party
LinkCity of Hamtramck, Michigan
Saiida Miah, Bangladeshi origin politician, Hamtramck, USASaiida MiahUSACandidate, Democratic PartyLinkCity of Hamtramck, Michigan
Mirza Rashid, Bangladeshi politician in Bronx, NYMirza RashidUSACandidate, Democratic PartyLink
District 18, New York
Mamnun Haq, Bangladeshi origin politicianMamnun HaqUSACandidate, Democratic PartyLink
District 39, New York