Bangladeshi Physicians Abroad

Bangladeshi Physicians Abroad is a directory of Bangladeshi-origin medical professionals who are working in various fields in different countries. The directory is updated periodically.

Monzur Morshed, MDMonzur Morshed, MDUSA, New YorkCardiologyContact
Mohammed A. Monzur, MD, FACP, FASNMohammed A. Monzur, MD, FACP, FASNUSA, New YorkNephrologyContact
Akhtar Hossain, MDAkhtar Hossain, MDUSA, New JerseyPsychiatryContact
Masuma Chowdhury, MDMasuma Chowdhury, MDUSA, OregonInternal MedicineContact
Asim Alam, MDAsim Alam, MDCanadaAnesthesiologyContact
Ziauddin Ahmed, MD, FACPZiauddin Ahmed, MD, FACPUSA, PennsylvaniaNephrologyContact
Upoma Guha, MDUpoma Guha, BDS, MSUSA, FloridaDentistryContact
Nasreen Akhter, MDNasreen Akhter, MD AustraliaGeneral PractitionerContact
Shafi Ahmed, MDShafi Ahmed, MDUKSurgeryContact
Sairus Faruque, MD, MPHSairus Faruque, MD, MPH USA, GeorgiaInternal MedicineContact
Ahmadur Rahman, MDAhmadur Rahman, MDUSA, New YorkInternal MedicineContact
Nizam Meah, MDNizam Meah, MDUSA, TexasGastroenterologyContact
Barnali Hasan, MDBarnali Hasan, MDUSA, New YorkInternal MedicineContact
Maksud Chowdhury, MD, MRCP, FAAPMaksud Chowdhury, MD, MRCP, FAAPUSA, New YorkPediatricsContact
Jawaid Ahsan, MDJawaid Ahsan, MDUSA, GeorgiaNeurologyContact
Mahfuzur Rahman, MDMahfuzur Rahman, MDUSA, New YorkPsychiatryContact
Humayun Kadir, MDHumayun Kadir, MD USA, North CarolinaFamily MedicineContact
ASM Islam, MDASM Islam, MDUSA, TexasInternal MedicineContact
Mohammad N. Mazid, MDMohammad N. Mazid, MDUSA, New YorkFamily MedicineContact
Sadeka Shahani, MDSadeka Shahani, MDUSA, GeorgiaEndocrinology Contact
Shaikh N. Hasan, MDShaikh N. Hasan, MDUSA, New YorkFamily MedicineContact
Hasan Chowdhury, MDHasan Chowdhury, MDUSA, IllinoisAnesthesiologyContact
Farruque Ahmed, MDFarruque Ahmed, MDUSA, New YorkInternal MedicineContact
Rubaiyat Haque, MDRubaiyat Haque, MDUKAllergyContact
Mohammed Quasem, MDMohammed Quasem, MDUSA, New YorkNephrologyContact
Mohammed W Rahman, MDMohammed W. Rahman, MDUSA, North CarolinaGeriatrics Contact
Sayera Haque, MDSayera Haque, MDUSA, New YorkInternal MedicineContact
Amirul Islam, MDAmirul Islam, MDUSA, FloridaInternal Medicine Contact
Hom P Neupane, MDHom P Neupane, MDUSA, New YorkRheumatologyContact
Tahmida Jahangir, MDTahmida Jahangir, MDUSA, North CarolinaPediatricsContact
Yahia M Lodi, MD, FAHAYahia M. Lodi, MD, FAHAUSA, New YorkNeurologyContact
Tanvir B. Hossain, MDTanvir B. Hossain, MDUSA, NevadaInternal MedicineContact
Mubina Khan, MDMubina Khan, MDUSA, MichiganFamily MedicineContact
Provat C Das, MDProvat C. Das, MD USA, New YorkInternal MedicineContact
Shafiqur Rahman, MDShafiqur Rahman, MDUSA, North CarolinaInternal Medicine Contact
Nasreen Loqman, MDNasreen Loqman, MDUSA, New YorkInternal MedicineContact
Rezwan Islam, MDRezwan Islam, MDUSA, WisconsinOncologyContact
Mohammad A. Hakim, MDMohammad A. Hakim, MDUSA, MassachusettsInternal MedicineContact
Iftikher Mahmood, MD, FAAPIftikher Mahmood, MD, FAAPUSA, FloridaPediatricsContact
Abul K. Azad, MD, MPH, FCCPAbul K. Azad, MD, MPH, FCCPUSA, New YorkPulmonologyContact
Dilip Sarkar, MD, FACSDilip Sarkar, MD, FACSUSA, VirginiaYogaContact
Asit Baran Shil, MDAsit Baran Shil, MDUSA, CaliforniaFamily MedicineContact
Shamsul A. Bhuiyan, MDShamsul A. Bhuiyan, MDUSA, New YorkInternal MedicineContact
Adeeba Akhtar, MDAdeeba K. Akhtar, MDUSA, TexasGeriatricContact
Rehana Begum, MDRehana Begum, MD USA, WisconsinGastroenterologyContact
Mahfuzul Haque, MDMahfuzul Haque, MDUSA, North CarolinaGastroenterologyContact
Tasmia Tahmid, MDTasmia Tahmid, MDUKOncoplastic SurgeryContact
Ferdous Khandker, MDFerdous Khandker, MDUSA, New YorkInternal Medicine Contact
Bablu Kumar Basak, MDBablu Kumar Basak, MDUSA, New YorkInternal Medicine Contact
Mahbub H. Talukdar, MDMahbub H. Talukdar, MDAustraliaGeneral PractitionerContact
Mohammad Hussain, MDMohammad Hussain, MDUSA, TexasNephrologyContact
ASM Noorullah Tarun, MDASM Noorullah Tarun, MD, CCFPCanadaFamily MedicineContact
Nuveed Loqman, MDNuveed Loqman, MDUSA, New YorkInternal MedicineContact
Shabbir A. Chowdhury, MDShabbir A. Chowdhury, MDUSA, North CarolinaPsychiatryContact
Sadiq Ahmed, MD, FACP, FASNSadiq Ahmed, MD, FACP, FASNUSA, KentuckyInternal MedicineContact
Maleka Ahmed, MDMaleka Z. Ahmed, MDUSA, North CarolinaOncologyContact
Mohammed Basith, MDMohammed Basith, MDUSA, New YorkInternal MedicineContact
Mohammed Ashiq Mannan, MDMohammed Ashiq Mannan, MDUSA, VirginiaInternal MedicineContact
Jahidul Abedin, MDJahidul Abedin, MD USA, New YorkPediatricsContact
Razia Sultana, MDSultana Razia, MDUSA, New YorkHematologyContact
Mohammed Amirul Islam, MDMohammed Amirul Islam, MDUSA, TexasCardiologyContact
Osmani Mohammed, MDOsmani Mohammed, MDUSA, New YorkFamily MedicineContact
Farhad Karim, MDFarhad Karim, MDUSA, KentuckyPediatricsContact
Abu Nasser Salahuddin MD, FACPAbu Nasser Salahuddin MD, FACPUSA, North CarolinaInternal MedicineContact
Kawser Uddin Ahmed, MDKawser Uddin Ahmed, MDUSA, New YorkInternal MedicineContact
Masuda C. Ahmad, MDMasuda C. Ahmad, MDUSA, KentuckyFamily MedicineContact
Syed W. Moazzem, MDSyed W. Moazzem, MDUSA, CaliforniaRheumatologyContact
Mohammad Hassan, MDMohammad Hassan, MDUSA, TexasCardiologyContact
Shakil Ahmed, MDShakil Ahmed, MDAustraliaGynecologyContact
Mohammad M. Rahman, MDMohammad Mujibur Rahman, MDUSA, New YorkPediatricsContact
Abdul Malik, MD, PhDAbdul Malik, MD, PhDUSA, PennsylvaniaInternal MedicineContact
Abul Hashem, MDAbul Hashem, MDUSA, KentuckyRadiologyContact
Rumi Ahmed Khan, MDRumi Ahmed Khan, MDUSA, FloridaPulmonologyContact
Syed Jalal, MDSyed Jalal, MDUSA, New YorkNeurologyContact
Samar Bhowmick, MDSamar K. Bhowmick, MDUSA, AlabamaPediatricContact
Quazi M. A. Hossain, MDQuazi M. A. Hossain, MDUSA, PennsylvaniaInternal MedicineContact
Sufia Siddique, MDSufia Siddique, MDUSA, North CarolinaFamily MedicineContact
Sheikh K. Jasimuddin, MDSheikh K. Jasimuddin, MDUSA, FloridaGeriatricsContact
Radha Biswas, MDRadha Biswas, MD, MPH, FAAPUSA, PoughkeepsiePediatricsContact
Nahid Sayma, BDSNahid Sayma, BDS, OTCAustraliaDentistryContact
Sibu P. Saha, MD, MBA, FACSSibu P. Saha, MD, MBA, FACSUSA, KentuckySurgeryContact
Mohammed A. Taher, MDMohammed A. Taher, MD, FACPUSA, OregonInternal MedicineContact
Azad R. Bhuiyan, MD, MPH, PhDAzad R. Bhuiyan, MD, MPH, PhDUSA, MississippiEpidemiologyContact
Sultan S. Ahmed, MDSultan Ahmed, MDUSA, FloridaFamily MedicineContact
Hamid Alam, MDHamid Alam, MDUSA, New YorkRadiologyContact
Jessie Chowdhury, MDNaseem Jessie Chowdhury, MDAustraliaGeneral PractitionerContact
Rabeya Chowdhury, MD, FACOGRabeya Chowdhury, MD, FACOGUSA, New YorkObstetrics & GynaecologyContact
Amatu Rabbi, MDAmatu Rabbi, MDUSA, GeorgiaInternal MedicineContact
Mohammad A. Motalib, MDMohammad A. Motalib, MDUSA, KentuckyInternal MedicineContact
Mohammad Rahman, DDSMohammad Wahedur Rahman, DDS, FICOIUSA, New YorkDentistryContact
Khandaker Taher, MDKhandaker Taher, MDUSA, New YorkPsychiatryContact
Fatima Ashrafi, MDFatima Ashrafi, MDAustraliaGynaecologyContact
Nabila Mannan, DDSNabila Mannan, DDSUSA, New YorkDentistryContact
Mohd Hossain (Imran), MDMohd Hossain (Imran), MD USA, New YorkInternal MedicineContact
Mohammad Nizam Uddin, MDMohammad Nizam Uddin, MDAustraliaGeneral PractitionerContact
M. Imtiaz Islam, MDM. Imtiaz Islam, MDUSA, NebraskaNephrologyContact
Urmee Hossain, MDUrmee Hossain, MDUSA, OregonHospitalistContact
Abul Faiz Matin, MDAbul Faiz Matin, MD, PhDUSA, GeorgiaPulmonology Contact
Chowdhury Faruque Azam, MDChowdhury Faruque Azam, MDUSA, New JerseyPsychiatryContact
Zahidul Alam, MDZahidul Alam, MDAustraliaGeneral PractitionerContact
Amal Krishna Saha, MDAmal Krishna Saha, MDUSA, New YorkPsychiatryContact
Binod P. Shah, MDBinod P. Shah, MDUSA, New YorkInternal MedicineContact
Inamulhaque M. Saboor, MDInamul Haque M. Saboor, MDUSA, New YorkInternal MedicineContact
Mazhar Haque, MD, FRACPMazhar Haque, MD, FRACPAustraliaGastroenterologyContact
M. Rabiul Alam, MDM. Rabiul Alam, MDUSA, Georgia Internal MedicineContact
Ahsan Chowdhury, MDAhsan Chowdhury, MDUSA, NevadaCardiologyContact
Sagir Ahmed, MDSagir Ahmed, MD, MPHUSA, North CarolinaCardiologyContact
Nazrul Islam, MDNazrul Islam, MDUSA, TexasPsychiatryContact
Khalid Shafi, MDKhalid Shafi, MDUSA, CaliforniaGeriatricContact
Laila Alamgir, MDLaila Alamgir, MDUSA, Washington DCGeriatricContact
Mustaquim F. Chowdhury MDMustaquim F. Chowdhury MDUSA, OregonInternal MedicineContact
Utpal Chowdhury, MDUtpal Chowdhury, MDUSA, New YorkInternal MedicineContact
Goutam Pada Shome, MD, PhDGoutam Pada Shome, MD, PhD, FACP, FAAAAIUSA, TexasInternal MedicineContact
Itikana D Roy-Shome, MDItikana D Roy-Shome, MDUSA, TexasPediatricsContact
Dr Ferdousi Akter, FRACGPFerdousi Akter
AustraliaGeneral PractitionerContact
Munibur Khan, MDMunibur Rahman Khan, MDUSA, New YorkPsychiatryContact
Rumana C. Sabur, MDRumana C. Sabur, MDUSA, New YorkInternal MedicineContact
Mohammad Akhtaruzzaman, MDMohammad Akhtaruzzaman, MDUSA, New YorkImmunologyContact
Ishtiaque Mohiuddin, MDIshtiaque Mohiuddin, MDUSA, North CarolinaCardiologyContact
Sinha Abul Monsur, MDSinha Abul Monsur, MDUSA, New YorkAnesthesiologyContact
Atifur Rahman, MDAtifur Rahman, MDAustraliaCardiology Contact
Shamim Chowdhury, MD, PhDShamim Chowdhury, MD, PhDUSA, IllinoisCardiologyContact
Ismat Ara Asad, MDIsmat Ara Asad, MDUSA, VirginiaFamily MedicineContact
Tasbirul Alam, MDTasbirul Alam, MDUSA, New YorkFamily MedicineContact
Mohabubur Rahman, MDMohabubur Rahman, MDUSA, GeorgiaInternal MedicineContact
Mohammed Helal Uddin, MDMohammed Helal Uddin, MDUSA, New YorkInternal MedicineContact
Rounak Ahmed, MDRounak Ahmed, MDUSA, New YorkFamily MedicineContact
Mashiul Chowdhury, MDMashiul Chowdhury, MDUSA, PennsylvaniaInfectious DiseasesContact
Mahbuba Akhter, MDMahbuba Akhter, MDUSA, Washington DCInternal MedicineContact
Sazia L Setaruddin, MDSazia L. Setaruddin, MDUSA, New YorkInternal MedicineContact
Habib A. Masood, MDHabib Abul Masood, MD, FACPUSA, North CarolinaInternal MedicineContact
Ahmed G. Haider, MDAhmed G. Haider, MDUSA, New YorkInternal MedicineContact
Sara Chowdhury, MDSara Chowdhury, MDUSA, IllinoisEndocrinologyContact
Niru S. Nahar, MDNiru Shamsun Nahar, MDUSA, New YorkPsychiatryContact
Waseem Hafeez, MDWaseem Hafeez, MD, FAAPUSA, New YorkPediatricsContact
Mohammad Humayun Kabir, MDMohammad Humayun Kabir, MDUSA, TexasNephrologyContact
Tania M. Sheikh, MDTania M. Sheikh, MDUSA, New YorkInternal MedicineContact
Mohammad I. Ullah, MDMohammad I. Ullah, MDUSA, MississippiInternal MedicineContact
Mujibur R Majumder, MDMujibur R Majumder, MDUSA, New YorkPulmonologyContact
Sultan Ahmed, MDSultan Ahmed, MDUSA, New YorkFamily MedicineContact
Naeema Bhuiya, DDSNaeema Bhuiya, DDSUSA, New YorkDentistryContact
Afroza Begum, MD FAAPAfroza Begum, MD, FAAPUSA, TexasPediatricsContact
Sadi Alam, DPMSadi Alam, DPMUSA, New YorkPodiatryContact
Muhammad Shah Alam, MDMuhammad Shah Alam, MD USA, New YorkInternal MedicineContact
Hosne Ara Begum, MDHosne Ara Begum, MDUSA, IllinoisHematologyContact
Mohammad Mannan, MDMohammad Mannan, MDUSA, KentuckyInternal MedicineContact
Saiful Kabir, MDSaiful Kabir, MDUSA, IndianaPulmonologyContact
Shamim Ahmed MD, Geriatric MedicineShamim Ahmed, MDUSA, New YorkGeriatric MedicineContact
Mahfuzur Rahman, MDMahfuzur Rahman, MDUSA, CaliforniaNephrologyContact
Sadia Sharmin, MDAustraliaGeneral PractitionerContact
Kazal Dewan, MDAustraliaGeneral PractitionerContact
Hasina Dewan, MDAustraliaGeneral PractitionerContact
Abul K. Azad, MBBS,PhDAbul K. Azad, MBBS, PhDUSAPathologyContact