Talha 99 Cents Store And Up

Talha 99 Cents Store And Up
88-36 Sutphin Blvd., Jamaica, NY 11435

Talha 99 Cents Store And Up is a Bangladeshi owned discount store located in Jamaica, New York.The store sells all your favorite brands from the big chains, but at a price that you’ve come to love. Why pay more when you can pay less and save money! The store has everyday household items – kitchen/cookware, bath/beauty, office supplies, hardware, toys, home decor, socks/underwear, even food. wrapped, canned, boxed, bottled & jarred edibles, and random non-edibles like greeting cards, bleach, hardware, light bulbs, dog toys & underwear.

Talha 99 Cents Store And Up also has bill payment service (MoneyGram)

Store Hours: 10:00 am –  10:00 pm everyday.

New York, USA