Bangladeshi-American Pharmacists Association

Bangladeshi-American Pharmacists Association

Bangladeshi-American Pharmacists Association (BAPA) is an organization of Bangladeshi Pharmacists living and working in USA. The aim of the organization is to make a strong and professional platform so that members can be more successful in their career and have a fulfilling experience in USA. The association works to get the members involved in the sociopolitical process that determines their future. BAPA hopes to motivate everyone to contribute their time and talent to the betterment of the pharmacy profession in USA and in Bangladesh.

The purpose of Bangladeshi-American Pharmacists Association (BAPA) is:

  • » To foster cooperation and collaboration among Bangladeshi pharmacists residing in North America.
  • » To build and maintain relations with other pharmacists’ associations in North America.
  • » To support the profession of pharmacy in Bangladesh and in North America.
  • » To support and encourage the development of Pharmaceutical Science in Bangladesh.
  • » To develop and conduct programs for maintaining and improving the professional standards.
  • » To promote welfare of members’ families in case of need.
  • » To protect the professional interests of members of the Association.

President: Shahab Ahmed

General Secretary: Enamul H  Kabir

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New York, USA