North American Alliances for Social Relief

North American Alliances for Social Relief
NAASR, P.O. Box 468, Tucker, Georgia 30085

North American Alliances of Social Relief, Inc. (NAASR) is a non-profit, non-partisan, and non-sectarian 501(c) (3) humanitarian organization founded in 2008 by a group of individuals of Bangladeshi origin with the goal to serve as a resource and to promote education, economic welfare, and better health for needy individuals.

As a charity organization, NAASR provides support to alleviate the poverty and suffering mainly poorest people in Bangladesh. With the help of regular membership fees, fundraising money, and field partners hips in Bangladesh, NAASR supports a wide variety of projects in the following sectors:

  • Education
  • Health and Nutrition
  • Orphan and Child Welfare
  • Emergency Relief and Disaster

The mission of North American Alliances for Social Relief, Inc. is to sponsor and support individual family members or the family for education, better health, and family welfare. The organization strives to maintain the highest standards of integrity, accountability and responsibility within the organization as well as sponsored families. This is achieved by providing social assistance for individuals in Bangladesh and the United States of America (USA). Current focus of NAASR is concentrated on the rural areas of these countries.

Programs run by North American Alliances for Social Relief:

School and Education Program
Education is the key to individual and societal freedom. With that in mind, the North American Alliances for Social Relief has undertaken projects to make education possible for some of the poorest in the rural areas. NAASR works to assist individual students in Bangladesh and North America by providing them with financial support to purchase books, apparatus, and other school supplies. Local support to students is managed and supervised by executive board members. In Bangladesh, volunteers are engaged to go in and work on the ground with supervision from NAASR executive board members.

Health Care Program
In today’s world vaccines and medicines can defeat many of the world’s deadliest diseases. Our mission is to ensure that advances in health care are shared with those who need them most. Throughout the year, NAASR provides much needed funds for individuals to visit medical practitioners and funds for purchase of prescribed medicines. Currently such programs are taking place in the rural areas of Bangladesh.

Youth Tutoring Program
Throughout the year, the organization provides after school tutoring for students having difficulty with school work. The program is free of charge and conducted by the members of the board. The program is open to all students within the ages 6 – 18. We accept students on a first come first serve basis. NAASR is funding partner organizations in Bangladesh for similar tutoring and educational programs.

Board Members
President:  Awal Khan, PhD
Vice-President:  Mohammed Rahman (Shapan)
Secretary:  Mohammed Soriful Alam (Shawkat)
Joint-Secretary:  Muhammad Masud Rana
Finance Secretary:  Syed M Firoz
Public Relation:  Manzurul Kabir (Rumi)
Board Members:  Abraham Rahman, Syed Monirul Islam, Titu Rashid, Raonak Zaman, Mohammed Chowdhury Mithu, Tofael Khan

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