Moulvibazar Zilla Shomity USA

Moulvibazar Zilla Shomity USA
Moulvibazar Zilla Shomity USA
37-50, 60 Street, Woodside, NY 11377

Moulvibazar Zilla Shomity USA, Inc. (মৌলভীবাজার  জেলা সমিতি ইউএসএ), MZS in short, is an association of Bangladeshi immigrants and expatriates living in the USA. Members of the Moulvibazar Zilla Shomity USA are from Moulvibazar District of Bangladesh. The organization is a non-profit, non-political organization. Established in 2008, the primary purpose of the association is to unite the people from Moulvibazar Zilla of Bangladeshi origin residing in USA.

Moulvibazar Zilla Shomity USA aims to preserve, promote and enhance educational, cultural and social values of  people of Moulvibazar district and Bangladesh as a whole who are living in the USA. Other aims of the organization are as follows:

  • help each other and work together to make a prosperous and peaceful life
  • motivate next generation of Bangladeshis to know Bangladeshi culture
  • keep strong ties with Moulvibazar district and help improve life of disadvantageous there, etc.

Members of Moulvibazar Zilla Shomity USA are

  1. born in Moulvibazar, Bangladesh
  2. a descendant of a parent(s) from Moulvibazar
  3. married to any person described in category 1 and 2.

Organization membership is open to non-members too.

[Spelling variations: Moulovibazar, Maulvibazar, Moulavibazar, Maulavibazar, Jila, Shomity, Somiti, Shomiti, Samity, Somity]

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