First Remit

First Remit
37-49, 73 Street, Jackson Heights, NY 11372

Fast Remit LLC, is a money transfer company, based in New Jersey. Fast Remit transfer money quickly and reliably with the best exchange rate, the lowest fees and the fastest way anywhere in the world.  It has a strong network of authorized agents throughout the world. Sending money worldwide with Fast Remit is easy. With years of experience in the Remittance Industry, Fast Remit operates one of the largest money transfer and currency exchange companies in New Jersey, USA.

Fast Remit provides the following services:

PayCash Remittance – Fast, Safe & Reliable Remittance Service for non-bank customers.
Account Transfer – Fast, Easy & Reliable Remittance Service for Bank customers.
Card Remittance – Fast, Secure & Reliable Remittance Service payment through ATM Card.
Mobile Remittance – Fast, Innovating & Reliable Remittance Service for Mobile Users, Mobile Wallet.

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New Jersey, USA