Church-McDonald Bangladeshi Business Association

Church-McDonald Bangladeshi Business Association
483 McDonald Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11218

Church-McDonald Bangladeshi Business Association, Inc. (CMBBA) is an association for the Bangladeshi businesses located around Church Ave and McDonald Ave of Brooklyn. It was formed in 2005.

The aim of the Church-McDonald Bangladeshi Business Association is to promote and enhance the Bangladeshi businesses of Church Avenue & McDonald Avenue as a vibrant shopping and business area. The association constantly looking for new and innovative ways to improve the appearance and appeal of Church-McDonald Avenues to promote a sense of community. In order to reach the goals, Church-McDonald Bangladeshi Business Association liaise with the local city authority, law enforcement agency, community groups and neighborhood organizations, who have a stake in the future of the Church-McDonald Avenues to address areas of common interest.

CMBBA organizes Bangladesh Pothomla (Bangladesh Street Fair) at the crossing of Church Ave and McDonald Ave each year. The fair is to showcase community’s cultural vibrancy through Bangladeshi style music, food, language, shopping, people’s gathering, etc. The fair is an opportunity to present Bangladesh to other ethnic communities in Brooklyn/New York City.

President: Faqrul Hoq
General Secretary: Md. L. Ali

Kamal Uddin
New York, USA