Bangladesh Language & Cultural Foundation

Bangladesh Language & Cultural Foundation
Bangladesh Language & Cultural Foundation
51, Jalan Membina, Singapore 169485

The Bangladesh Language & Cultural Foundation (BLCF) was formed in December, 2000 with the objective of promoting the language and culture of Bangladesh to the people living in Singapore. The culture of a people and nation is largely carried by its language and hence, from the outset, the Bangladesh Language & Cultural Foundation laid emphasis on inculcating the new generation of children and students of Bangladeshi origin with Bangla language. The schooling system in Singapore has provided a supportive environment for this endeavor since Bangla language can be taken for fulfilling the second language requirement. Since 2008, the Government of Singapore has officially supported the teaching of Bangla through generous grants, further boosting our efforts. From a humble beginning with about 40 students in January, 2001, Bangla school has enjoyed a phenomenal growth since then, with classes from pre-school to A-level. Students have performed very well, with many students getting sterling results and being admitted to leading Universities.

Bangladesh Language & Cultural Foundation runs its activities to celebrate and introduce rich cultural and historical heritage of Bangladesh in Singapore as well as provide superior quality Bangla language tutoring to the children of Bangladeshi community who are growing up in Singapore;

BLCF Bangla School is located at Zhangde Primary School, 51, Jalan Membina, Singapore 169485

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