Fultoli Islamic Center, USA

Fultoli Islamic Center, USA
Fultoli Islamic Center, USA
150-59 Coolidge Ave., Briarwood, NY 11432

Based in New York, Fultoli Islamic Center USA, Inc. (FIC) is a not-for-profit organization (Tax ID#: 26-3337626). Fultoli Islamic Center has been active in Bangladeshi community with many kinds of religious activities. The center organizes Islamic seminars, discussion meeting, educational events, etc.

Fultoli Islamic Center offers weekend Islamic classes and full-time summer classes for children of all ages. The  center wants to establish full-time madrasah with the curriculum of NYC Board of Education and Islamic based teaching philosophy.

Fultoli Islamic Center has the following services:

– Library, Research Center, Computer Lab
– Guidance Counseling for Students and Families
– Youth Programs
– Five Time Daily Prayer
– Friday Prayer
– Weekend Islamic Classes
– Muslim Marriage Performance
– Muslim Marriage Counseling


President: Mohammed Yahia Mendhi
Senior Vice President: Syed Rahman Suhel
Vice President: Md Mokaddas Ali
General Secretary: Atikul H. Ahmed Belal
Asst General Secretary: Syed Sayem
Treasurer: Md Sharioth Khan
Asst Treasurer: Alomgir Hussain
Publication Secretary: Malik Sheikh
Public Relation Secretary: Nasir Uddin
Organizing Secretary:  Abdul Hai Parvez
Social Welfare Secretary: Syed Kowser Bablu
Education and Cultural Secretary: Mirza Ujjal
Office Secretary: Luthfur Rahman Ruhel

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New York, USA