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Radiant IPTV
Radiant IPTV

Radiant IPTV provides Bangladeshi and Bangla TV programs in USA, Canada and UK.

Radiant IPTV, a division of 1Stop Media & Entertainment Inc (a company solely owned & operated by Non-Resident Bangladeshis) is the newly launched IPTV platform with the highest quality signals proven in industry tests. Radiant IPTV has bundled IPTV + IP Telephony (VOIP) service for you to slash TV & Phone bills combined and help you save at least 65% of your monthly TV & Phone bills, while the company gives you the ease, comfort and satisfaction of enjoying both the services at a very low monthly cost.

All your favorite Bangla channels you can watch on television. State of the Art highest quality Set-Top Boxes with HD compatibility. More selection and variety of packages than any other IPTV provider. With available 15 day DVR recording capability, US Time Shifting technology and access to Video-On-Demand services are the key unique features offered by Radiant IPTV. In addition, the RBox (Set-Top-Box) provided is fully WiFi capable, that means no more running around with cables to connect your broadband router!

Watch high quality Bangla, Hindi, Sports & News channels. Talk to Bangladesh FREE. Support team available from 9:00 am to 12:00 midnight

Sales: radiantsales@radiantiptv.com
Support: radiantsupport@radiantiptv.com
Distributor/Reseller: partner@radiantiptv.com

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