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Azurist Limited
Business Name: Azurist Limited
Address: 6 Commercial Street, 2nd Floor, London E1 6LP
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Azurist Limited (A-Zurist) is a Bangladeshi law firm located in London, UK. The company provides cross border legal services for Non-Resident Bangladeshi businesses and investors. With principal office in London, Azurist Limited has two local offices in Bangladesh – Dhaka and Moulvibazar of Sylhet. The firm’s main focus is to provide consultation service, representative services and networking service to Bangladeshi community who are interested in establishing business ventures in Bangladesh.

Objectives of Azurist Limited

  • Deliver high quality legal advisory and representative support on laws of Bangladesh to persons and groups based in the UK and Europe.
  • Provide comprehensive legal services to British/European business organizations and individuals doing business in Bangladesh.
  • Facilitate need oriented and affordable solutions to legal problems or disputes arising in Bangladesh.
  • Act as representatives or attorneys of Bangladeshi persons/organizations having stake or business interests in the UK.
  • Support the growth and development of Bangladesh Legal System by addressing the legal concerns of NRB, Business and Foreign Investor community.

Service Offered by Azurist Limited


Azurist provides consultation service about complex legal issues and regulatory matters within the jurisdiction of Bangladesh. The company helps clients with up-to-date and comprehensive consultation on personal & family law, inheritance, property disputes, illegal possession, ownership or licensing, injunctions, intellectual property rights, breach of promise, company affairs, business ventures, commercial agreements and negotiations, foreign exchange and remittance matters, breach of trusts, complaints and prosecution against miscreants, protection from anti-social behavior, cyber crime, defamation, professional negligence etc.


Drafting service include contracts and legal documents, such as, Deeds, Will, Contracts, Memorandum of Understanding (MOUs) and complex PPP agreements. Qualified Bangladeshi lawyers who are equally fluent in English and Bangla language and expert in Bangladeshi legal issues will identify clients documentary needs and draft documents, opinions and instruments clearly.

Filing Applications & Obtaining Certificates

The service include file applications related to Intellectual Property (Patent & Trademark, Industrial Designs), licenses and permits renewal, obtain certified copies of land documents and court orders.

Due Diligence & Verification of Documents

Service include verifying and analyzing legal instruments, documents, title deeds, business agreements related to affairs in Bangladesh. Extensive search and fact finding mission in local jurisdictions in Bangladesh are conducted to get authentic information on title and current legal status of movable and immovable property, court proceedings, business operations, company dealings etc.

Power of Attorney

All kinds of representation and legal support in Courts & Tribunal proceedings, arbitration, sale or purchase of property, business negotiations and agreements, service of legal documents in Bangladesh are effectuated by virtue of authority to act conferred with power of attorney.

Serving Documents

Serve court papers and/or other important documents to a person living in Bangladesh and make sure the person receives the document. Azurist appoints licensed practitioners and process server agencies to serve all kind of Legal/Civil/Judicial case related documents such as Personal Legal Papers, Summons, Petitions, Complaint, Writs, Divorce Papers, Child Support Notifications, Legal Notices & Court Orders.

Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Comprehensive, practical and strategic litigation support for any legal matter in Bangladesh. Or client may choose to alternative dispute resolution paving the way to amicable settlements before resorting to litigation inside of a courtroom.

Setting up Businesses and/or Investing in Bangladesh

Following correct regulatory requirements under the local laws in Bangladesh, Azurist can help clients to setup new businesses (sole-proprietorship, partnership, corporation etc). Quick new business setup in Dhaka, Sylhet, Chittagong and other cities are done by using reliable resources. Azurist can assist new business owners or investors in these key areas:

–  Prepare initial business plan to clarify your marketing, management, and financial goals
–  Help you choose the suitable business structure for tax advantages, legal exposure, ease of operation and portability
–  Develop Partnership/Joint Venture/Shareholders Agreements reflecting expectations, defining roles, and setting guidelines
–  Draw up and implement Human Resource policies (employee incentive, employment and management guidelines, financial plan)
–  Provide admin support for Registration & Licensing of entities (Joint Stock Companies, Trade License, Patent & Trade Mark Registration, VAT & Tax Certificate, Clearances etc.)
–  Comply with Employment laws, Environmental laws, Building Regulations, Real Estate laws, Tax Regulations etc.
–  Negotiate mergers and acquisitions, complex contracts, joint ventures, government incentives
–  Recognize potential compliance issues, management and employment conflicts, and other potential exposures to liability
–  Provide support to endeavors on legal repatriation of proceeds from profit of business ventures.

Business Hours:

Mon-Fri, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Website: Click here
Phone: +44-020-3730-3497
Alt. Phone: +44-079-4002-9899
Fax: +44-020-7247-7857
Contact Person: KIM Manzur E Mawla, Cofounder
Location: UK
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