Eden College Alumni Association of USA

Business Name: Eden College Alumni Association of USA
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Founded in 2010, Eden College Alumni Association of USA, is an organization of Ex-students of Eden Women’s College of Bangladesh. It is based in New York City. The alumni was created to organize ex-students of the institution for doing some social good while having fun. The association organizes music, meeting, and cultural events for its members.

The aims of Eden College Alumni Association of USA is to

– unite all the ex students of Eden college
– work for social development
– work for women empowerment
– help poor families of Bangladesh
– give merit scholarship to Bangladeshi students
– help new Bangladeshi immigrants to settle down in USA
– stop domestic violence.


President: Laily Mosaraf
Vice President: Munia Mahmud
Vice President: Momtaz Begum Ranu
General Secretary: Nasrin Chowdhury
Cultural Secretary: Lubna Kaizer
Social Welfare Secretary: Tahmina Kabeer Kona
Organizing Secretary: Kazi Nasrin Rima

Phone: 347-494-5694
Alt. Phone: 347-281-1460
Contact Person: Laily Mosaraf, President
Location: New York, USA