Weekly Janmobhumi

Weekly Janmobhumi
Weekly Janmobhumi
221-34, 108 Ave., Queens Village, NY 11429

Weekly Janmobhumi (জন্মভূমি) is a free weekly Bangla newspaper based in New York City serving the Bangladeshi-American community. Weekly Janmobhumi distributes 8,000-10,000 copies per week in South-Asian businesses, restaurants, and places of worship where it is available free of charge. Weekly Janmobhumi was founded in 2008 to give community news and news from Bangladesh to Bangladeshi immigrant community living in Queens. The newspaper is 48 pages, printed partially color.

The newspaper collects most of its news, feature articles, essays from Bangladeshi newspapers online. It also prints local community news written by its reporters. Anyone can send stories of interest, promote work or business, and inquiries for advertisement to the newspaper.

Editor and President: Ratan Talukder

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Ratan Talukder
New York, USA