Shahitya Academy, New York

Shahitya Academy, New York
37-66, 74 Street, Jackson Heights, NY 11372

Shahitya Academy, New York (সাহিত্য একাডেমী, নিউ ইর্য়ক) is a cultural organization of Bangladeshi community living in New York City. Shahitya Academy organizes programs related to Bangla literature, music, poetry recitation, essay, literary discussion, dance, etc. Last Friday of every month, the academy arranges meetings in different places in New York, invites Bangladeshi literary scholars and/or novice practitioners to present their works. In New York, Shahitya Academy is a forum for all things Bangladeshi art and all things Bangladeshi literature.

Shahitya Academy also has few branches:

Shahitya Academy, Bronx Branch
Sonia Quader

Shahitya Academy, Albany Branch
Farhana Poli

[Spelling variations: Sahitya Academy, Sahitto Academy, Shahitto Academy, Sahhito Academy, Saheeto Academy, Sahytto Academy]

New York, USA