BUET Alumni Association Canada (BAAC)

Business Name: BUET Alumni Association Canada (BAAC)
Address: 3000 Danforth Ave., Unit 3, Suite 122, Toronto, ON, M4C 1M7, Canada
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BUET Alumni Association Canada (BAAC) is a Bangladeshi Alumni Association of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, commonly known as BUET. It is a not-for-profit organization embracing the interests and activities of alumni engineers, architects, physical planners including other professionals graduated from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology BUET, Dhaka, Bangladesh; and connected there of either as students and/or as faculty members and academic council members residing in Canada.

The organization is based in Toronto, Ontario. The objectives of BUET Alumni Association Canada are as follows:

  1. To establish, strengthen and enhance the continued ties with the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET), Dhaka, Bangladesh
  2. To strengthen connection and fellowship among Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology BUET Alumni residing in Canada, by fostering individual growth, well-being, professional development and net-working among BUET Alumni
  3. To promote the interests of the students and graduates of BUET by organizing lectures, seminars, symposia, workshops among others
  4. To build commitment and involvement for enhancing, promoting and upholding the image of BUET while living in Canada
  5. To enhance and uphold professional competence among the BUET Alumni living in Canada
  6. To provide support to the BUET Alumni and their families in distress and to organize humanitarian activities at times of needs
  7. To facilitate intellectual exchanges between BUET and Universities including professional institutions in Canada
  8. To arrange social activities with a view to fostering greater social cohesion and integration among the BUET Alumni and their families living in Canada
  9. To promote and educate the Alumni Members and families on the Canadian Values, Ethics; and their rights and obligations and privileges; and To contribute in the process of building a better Canada.

BAAC offers the following membership:

  • General Membership
  • Active Membership and
  • Life Membership
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Phone: 647-288-1595
Alt. Phone: 416-893-9941
Location: Canada