Chittagong Association of North America

Chittagong Association of North America
Chittagong Association of North America
545 McDonald Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11218

Chittagong Association of North America, Inc. was established in 1997 to create a platform in Brooklyn, New York for people of all ages (who was born in Chittagong and living in North America) to get together, observing Chittagonian culture, share information, help each other, share mutual interests. The Association offers exciting, fun events throughout the year like street fair, annual feast, picnic, iftar party, award distribution among talented Bangladeshi children, reception of Bangladeshi celebrities, etc.

Chittagong Association of North America is a not-for-profit, non-political, social, cultural, welfare and charitable organization. The association promotes and maintains unity, fraternity, cooperative relationship with other Bangladeshi communities and ethnic groups in New York City. Members of Chittagong Association of North America comes from Anwara, Banshkhali, Boalkhali, Chandanaish, Fatikchhari, Hathazari, Lohagara, Mirsharai, Patiya, Rangunia, Raozan, Sandwip, Satkania, and Sitakunda upazilas (administrative units). People of Cox’s Bazar, Rangamati, Bandarban, Khagrachhari are also can be member of the association.

The association is run by an elected committee consists of one president, two vice presidents, one general secretary, two assistant general secretaries, one treasurer, one organizing secretary, one cultural and education secretary, one social welfare secretary, one sports secretary, one office secretary, one publicity secretary, one publication secretary and seven members. Elections are held every two years.

The larger aim of the association is to promote unity, fraternity, and cooperation within the greater Chittagonian community living in the USA. The association also aims to:

  • help people of Chittagonian who are in need;
  • provide job counseling and training to community youths;
  • provide vocational training;
  • provide religious education to children;
  • financial assistance to community members to establish small business;
  • help emergency assistance to community members;
  • provide low cost housing to poor needy people;
  • arrange yearly get together and street fair;
  • explore and offer social benefits for the community members, etc.
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New York, USA